Logistics and freight forwarding

Through years of operation and expansion, Kodmens has established solid relationships with a majority of the world’s largest ocean carriers, ground carriers and local authorities; all with teams specializing in the movement of any kind of materials.  These relationships enable us to smoothly transport our customers’ cargo. 

To expand our international outreach, Kodmens has developed a vast network of agents that are strategically located worldwide.  These agents are located in Europe, North America, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. Simultaneously, we are continuously looking for new opportunities to build sound business relationships with more agents around the world.

Kodmens prides itself on being one of the world’s cargo logistics provider. With our experience, our customers can be confident in our ability to meet their diverse transportation requirements.

Our principles of freight forwarding are premised on the efficient and cost-effective transfer of your goods that are maintained in good condition throughout their travels. To accomplish this, freight forwarders become experts in managing the logistics necessary to ensure that goods arrive on time. Successful trade and shipping in expanding globalized markets means having the right tools at your disposal and Kodmens can assure you that.